About the Company

   Our mission is to provide unique, pleasurable products that people enjoy using to increase consistent consumer uptake. Our unique, pleasure-oriented innovations may soon reshape the future landscape of the old rolled condom industry on a global scale.


    Rolled condoms were first introduced around 1902,  just a year before the Wright Brothers' first successful flight at Kitty Hawk, NC. Aviation technology has advanced us to landing on the moon and Mars while the rolled condom has essentially remained the same despite its long history of consumer complaints and dissatisfaction.


     Today, over 100 years later, condom technology has advanced with our radically re-designed ideas, new materials, and significant functional changes for the 21st century. ORIGAMI's patented condom innovations began US clinical research in 2006 and a product launch as a new brand is expected in 2015.


Grand Challenges Explorations Grants: A Commitment to Big Ideas, Bold Investments (Round 12 – June 2014)

     The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recognized that solving our greatest global health issues is a long-term effort. Through Grand Challenges in Global Health, the Foundation is committed to seeking out and rewarding not only established researchers in science and technology, but also young investigators, entrepreneurs and innovators to help expand the pipeline of ideas to fight diseases that claim millions of lives each year. Additional grants are being awarded through Grand Challenges in Global Health and new challenges are being defined.

      Grand Challenges Explorations fosters creative projects that show great promise to improve the health of people in the developing world. Grants target an expanding set of global health topics, and there are two award rounds per year. Projects with demonstrated success in their initial phase of research have the opportunity to receive Phase II funding of up to $1 million.

On June 3, 2014, 52 researchers were awarded new Grand Challenges Explorations grants. Read more about these below. In addition, 3 Explorations projects were awarded Phase II funding. To read more about these new Phase II grants, select "Phase II" in the Grant Phase drop-down menu, while showing all topics and all rounds.


Non-Gender Specific Internal Condom

Daniel Resnic, Origami Healthcare Products, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Topic:  Develop the Next Generation of Condom

Round 12 – June 2014

     Daniel Resnic and colleagues at ORIGAMI Healthcare Products, Inc. will refine their internal condom, which is made of soft, pliant material and designed to improve pleasure and safety for both vaginal and anal intercourse, to test it in a small, randomized crossover controlled clinical trial. Classical condoms made of latex or polyurethane are designed primarily for functionality and have not been approved for anal intercourse, which is a significant mode of HIV transmission.  ORIGAMI offers an attractive alternate material for a contraceptive that is non-allergenic, strong, highly stretchable, lacks taste and odor, and has certain antimicrobial properties. The internal condom is designed to mimic human mucosal tissue to make it more pleasurable and easy to use.



Danny Resnic 


Danny Resnic is the inventor of the ORIGAMI condoms. He heads the company's research and development division and serves as principal investigator of its clinical research.  His determination and commitment to reinvent the condom into user-friendly and pleasurable devices have been recognized among researchers and in the international media.  Danny studied design at the Art Center College of Design (CA).

"I am grateful for the support from the epidemiology research community, and consumers around the planet, without whom these innovations would not be possible. My wholehearted thanks to the media for covering the company's radical innovations."    -Danny Resnic