ORIGAMI Anal Condom (OAC)

The ORIGAMI Anal Condom™ (OAC) is a dedicated condom designed exclusively for receptive anal intercourse. It is worn internally by a receptive male or female partner. It is intended to facilitate a pleasurable and safe experience for both partners, increase its acceptability, improve sensation and comfort, and influence consistent condom compliance for those who engage in anal intercourse. It is intended to minimize the risk of contracting HIV and STI/STD and to provide a receptive partner with the initiative to use a condom without negotiation.

Unlike the off-label use of the rolled latex male condom, the OAC CREATES direct tactile contact for the penis inside the internally lubricated condom. The Top partner does not need to wear a condom, creating an experience closer to ‘sex without a condom’. The OAC does not require unrolling. Following anorectal insertion, intercourse would begin normally without the disruption of intimacy. It may be inserted in advance and It is intended to provide an alternative strategy to help prevent HIV/AIDS, STIs/STDs.

The first of its kind anal condom is designed to provide two important innovative advantages; 1. Easy insertion method that positions and retains the condom internally, and 2. A fluid environment for the penis.

Latex rolled male condoms, have not been tested or FDA approved for anal use. The OAC material reported independent pre-clinical testing to be 100% biocompatible and non-alergenic. 

​To reach the market the ORIGAMI Anal Condom will be reviewed by the WHO, the CE-Mark (EU), and the FDA (US) to meet safety standards. A new design has advanced its development and it is expected to reach the market in late 2015, pending regulatory reviews and approvals.