ORIGAMI Male Condom (OMC)

The ORIGAMI Male Condom™ (OMC) is the first Non-rolled, engineered condom intended to facilitate a pleasurable and safe sexual experience for the male wearer and his partner. It is intended to increase consumer acceptability, safety, comfort, and to increase consistent condom compliance for those who engage in either vaginal or anal sex.  The OMC was developed to optimize user pleasure, fullly protect against HIV/AIDS, STD/STI, and as an effective contraception strategy.

Unlike the conventional rolled latex condom (sensation from outside), the OMC is designed for sensation from inside.  It provides a reciprocating motion over the penis with the internally lubricated condom (not possible with rolled latex condoms).

The OMC is an engineered  design. The OMC does not require unrolling like the old rolled condom designed before the Wright Bros.' first airplane.

To reach the market the OMC must be reviewed by the WHO, CE-Mark (EU), and the FDA (US)  to meet regulatory safety standards. The OMC began clinical trials in Los Angeles, CA. and continues to investigate development with human trials in South Africa. 


New design advancements of the OMC are expected to reach the market in late 2015, pending regulatory approvals.